03 October 2009

Rabbit Stew

Not quite the success of the tomato soup.....

Ian visited a local scout troop last week to see how they ran it (our group's about to start one up this Monday). A butcher was there with 2 rabbits. He demonstrated how to skin and gut one and asked for a volunteer to deal with the second one..... most of the teenagers were cringing in horror (and a couple of the adults). In the absence of anyone else, Ian gamely (!) offered. He proudly brought them both home, announcing that we would be eating rabbit stew the next day.

Dan was well up for the experience, Ella Mae didn't fancy it and Becky couldn't even look at her Dad she was so horrified with what he'd done. I'd tried rabbit stew years ago and wasn't keen on it then so it was going to be a bit of a hard sell persuading the family to eat it (I'm sure the men of old didn't have this problem).

He did a bit of research on the Internet, concocted a recipe and cooked the stew last night, again using a swede, carrot, leek, onion, runner beans, kale, shallots and herbs straight from the garden.

Sadly Ian discovered that he doesn't like the taste of rabbit - too strong. He said it tasted like a gamey, firm, chicken. Dan still wants to give it a go and Ian's mum has asked us to freeze some for her next visit. I suspect the dogs will be eating the rest of the meat and maybe we'll be eating vegetable soup in the next few days.

On the positive side, I guess that if we're ever faced with a no food situation, at least we can rely on our hunter being able to provide something for the table, and maybe we'll have no choice but to give it a go.

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  1. I ate rabbit once - at a very expensive restaurant in Knightsbridge, the experience was somewhat spoilt when one of the guys asked the waiter what my bunny had been called!! But as far as I can remember, it tasted very nice!


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