11 October 2009

Missing the vegetable garden!

I've been really busy over the last few weeks preparing for my beginners grow your own workshops amongst other things (next series of 5 due to start on the 22nd October in Old Leighlin Community Hall). Ian's been doing most of the harvesting and cooking and what a fantastic job too ... today we sampled marrow, sliced, coated in olive oil then dipped in a mixture of flour, corriander leaf, ground corriander and chilli powder, then shallow fried - yum! Definately recommend it as a way of cooking courgettes that have grown too big. Where would we be without him!

Anyway, I forced myself off the computer and took a stroll around the veg patch to remind myself of what I was writing about. I miss it!! The weeds are starting to appear, the grass has grown just that bit too long, and my strawberry runners are still waiting to be severed from their parents. The coriander is seeding like mad (should have harvested and frozen some of the leaves) - good job we like curries.

The good news is that the purple sprouting broccoli survived the caterpillar attacks and is now beginning to sprout - we also had that cooked with some leeks and beetroot (leaves and root) for supper tonight. What a shame Becky only eats peas! She doesn't know what she's missing.

I realised that now I'm a working mum I'll have to manage my time better - even if it means putting an entry in my diary (how sad is that) - Keep Free For Gardening and Getting Back In Touch With What's Real. What next I wonder. (Ian's warned me not to put him in my diary too!) What happened to the quiet old days?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean - I got to the stage I had to schedule in a walk so that I got some thinking time on my own a couple of times a week. Going to do 2 hours of paperwork now followed by a walk in this lovely autumnal sunshine across the fields. Hope you get some time in your garden :-)


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