14 January 2012

How to cheer a woman up - nothing like retail therapy

Retail therapy in the middle of January  buying gorgeous gifts for myself? How did I manage that?

Back in September my friend bought me a gift voucher for the lovely Morgans Garden Centre in Carlow and I'd popped it in my handbag.

Initially I thought I'd save it for spring seeds, but today I'm having a bit of a low day and remembered that I'd slipped it in there...

Walking around a garden centre, spending money and buying treats is usually guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. It also has the beneficial bonus of igniting the gardening mojo (which is probably a healthier form of therapy than the retail version but hey, there was a voucher burning a hole).

So on this melancholic day I spoilt myself with products I usually just gaze at - a memory foam kneeling pad, a Burgon & Ball herb rack and a beautifully perfumed verbena and lavender soap to wash the veggie garden mud away.

I find it virtually impossible to walk into a garden centre without purchasing anything practical so today it was a bag of seedling compost and plant labels. I'm now heading outside to pull a few weeds and make a few seedling pots in the hope that it will heal my low-spirit.

If anybody is uncertain as to whether a gift of vouchers might be a little unimaginative, this girl for one just adores receiving them, and in particular saving them for days like today.

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