28 February 2011

The realities of growing vegetables....

Just in case you think I have the perfect vegetable garden, I'm sharing this photo one and one time only....

I really should listen to my own advice sometimes.

I have a shed load of cardboard that I saved to cover it last autumn but just didn't get around to it (it would have taken a few minutes). I now have to clear this and cover it with loads of well rotted manure ready for the spuds that are chitting in my bedroom (at least a couple of hours work).

Fingers crossed for more sunny afternoons this week.


  1. I thought you'd taken that in my garden...only problem is that I have a matching set of 7!!!

    Have to think of it as exercise...

  2. My only saving grace Valula is that most of the weeds are surface rooting and are pulling out quite easily. I also keep telling myself that at least they've been protecting the soil from the worst of the winter weather. The good news is that the soil is full of worms and as you say, giving me a bit of well needed exercise!


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