26 February 2011

Gardening Books I'm Loving This Month

Cook books and gardening books - I'm a sucker for both. So this month I couldn't but help slip a couple more into the house.

Bob Flowerdew and Charles Dowding are two particular favourite gardeners of mine. Bob is often a panellist on Gardeners Question time which I download as a podcast.  I'm also intrigued by No-Dig Gardening as somebody who frequently suffers with a bad back.

I've only managed to read the first chapters in both books so far so can't give an accurate review but flicking through I'm excited about reading them both more fully.

I especially liked the paragraph in Bob Flowerdew's book "unless you take part in competitions or sell your produce, everything doesn't need to be manicured beyond perfection, treated with pesticide or fed till it bursts." 

He talks such sense!

I also have an on-going battle with preserving techniques..... as an owner of ten jars of furry strawberry jam I'm determined to get it right this year!


  1. I would really like to read that Charles Dowding book some day and will add it to my reading list. Enjoy those books.:)

  2. I am also a sucker for gardening books and blogs! There is loads on no dig gardening at the moment and growing green manure across your plot over the winter months. Garden Organic do a fact sheet on it but also a google search should bring loads of great ideas on this subject.

  3. The No Dig book is currently by my bedside lamp. I'm curious how he deals with no dig if people don't have a good supply of compost though... Perhaps farmers could consider selling bags of manure as a sideline. I remember years ago in the UK stables often sold bags of it at their gates. I agree about Garden Organic - it's a fantastic resource.


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