13 January 2010

Polytunnels in the winter months

For anybody not able to access the facebook page to view the latest photos of our vegetable patch, the following picture shows why I'm such a lover of my polytunnel.

The broad beans, peas and oriental salads have all germinated, the carrots are hanging on in there and the whole tunnel has remained frost free, despite the record low temperatures.

I'm willing to chance the pests & diseases in the summer months if it gives me a few extra months on the growing season.


  1. I love your polytunnel, I almost think that we could grow broadbeans this time of year, this year anyway, if I had one. I am curious as to how often you need to replace the plastic?

  2. It usually depends upon on the grade of plastic, thickness of steel, exposure to the elements and how well it's put up.... That said, most on sale are 5 or 6 season - meaning 5 or 6 years, but people often get 10 years out of them.

    If you have any more questions on tunnels let me know and I'll do my best to answer them


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