19 January 2010

Grow Your Own magazine & Propagating

Having been snowed in for a while over Christmas I was a bit late picking up my February edition of Grow Your Own magazine.  It was worth the wait though.  We've been planning to build a propagating bench for a while now and low and behold, page 65 has full instructions!  Hopefully we'll get it set up in the polytunnel some time over the next few weeks so I can give my seeds a head start.

As part of a college project during my course I started off a packet of flat leaf parsley seeds in various potting mediums, locations and temperatures.  By far the best results came from the seedlings that had been started off on a friend's bench in her tunnel.  The stems and roots were thicker and the growth stronger on all the plants.  Although I had great results from both potting composts I trialled in the tunnel, interestingly the organic peat free compost performed slightly better than the multipurpose compost.  Seedlings that were kept on the windowsill grew leggy in their attempt to reach for the light.

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  1. Meant to ask - did you find a home for your cockerel after all??


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