29 September 2009

More caterpillar stories....

If I didn't know any better I'd be thinking that my daughters were reading my blog.

They've now decided that it's their mission in life to rescue all of the caterpillars that are eating their way through my Brassicas, rather than letting me drown them (mean mummy). I think it's a ploy...they're not that keen on cabbages so I'm now wondering if they're putting the caterpillars back on the plants as soon as I'm not looking, knowing that they're getting holier by the day and they wont have to eat them!

However, before school this morning I found a couple of old margarine tubs about to disappear into their school bags. Apologies to any veggie growing mothers in their primary school (or the school garden come to that) - it appears that they've been taking them in and giving them to other likeminded girls for 'nature study'. Eleven little wrigglers in one tub and 15 in another today alone.

Am seriously wondering what the likelihood of us putting green veg onto the table this winter will be.

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