05 January 2012

Fresh growth, hope and patience

It seems apt somehow that during the first week of a new year I should walk out into my polytunnel and be greeted with rows of tiny fresh green leaves.

The two seed leaves of the broad bean that were sown a few weeks ago and now reach upwards for the light, resembling miniature ancient Egyptian cats, fill me with hope.

They are the sign of birth and of nature's cycle. I feel excited at the prospect of a new season of growth and longer days ahead, planning and raking, sowing and planting. I look forward to naturing the little plants until they are big, strong and healthy and can be harvested and cooked, their discarded pods added to the compost where they will decompose and finally be scattered onto the soil where their nutrients will nourish the next crop, completing the cycle.

Today I am smiling at nature's gifts and patiently waiting for the coming weeks ahead and the joy and  tranquillity they will bring. Today I am quietly reminded why I have such a love of gardening.


  1. Happy New Year Dee - can't wait to see what you've in store this year :-) x

  2. Beautiful post to start a new year Dee..as I read your words about nurturing and growth, I couldn't help thinking about my own little seedlings of hope which needs a little bit of cultivating in my own life. Gardening is such a lovely analogy for life. Happy New Year to you.

  3. Thanks Siobhan and glad you liked the post Marie. Happy New Year to you both.

  4. Very nice thoughts, you could not have picked a better crop to highlight new beginnings in the garden.


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