20 May 2011

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb (& why I love Twitter)

Twitter's a great place to hang out... sometimes you can ask a simple question and sometimes the replies come firing in, within seconds. Last night I sent out a simple tweet:

"Harvested an armful of rhubarb from community garden today but what can I make that doesn't include lots of sugar?"

Here are the replies, and they all sounded so delicious that I thought I'd share them...

@LoveToGrowLass : rhubarb chutney, stewed rhubarb with maple syrup, grated ginger and lemon, served with yogurt

@Guestlandlord: use it as a layer at the bottom of a bread and butter pudding. Its sharpness cuts the richness of the B & B's sugar/custard.

@luckylottielisa : pan fried mackerel and roasted rhubarb.

@likemamuse2bake : rhubarb chutney

@frandowdsofa : recipe ideas here http://frandowdsofa.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/rhubarb-rhubarb/ Also mixing small chunks into pork burgers worked nicely, with extra crumbled black pudding.

@JadaJelly : rhubarb and orange slump http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/5883/rhubarb-and-orange-slump

@fenifur : Baking/stewing it with pineapple or strawberries, rhubarb daal. Also http://www.rhubarbinfo.com/recipes

@EcoGitesLenault - rhubarb chutney http://forum.downsizer.net/index.php?component=catalogdisplay&show_post=751106&Cuisine=&Course=&Special1=&search_text=rhubarb

Hard to choose but think I'll be trying out the chutney and will post up the recipe once it's made. A big thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply, and you can find me at www.twitter.com/Greensideupveg most evenings ;) 

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