21 April 2011

Why we all need a bit of horticultural therapy…

It quietens the mind, it soothes the soul, and it exercises the body.

Its grounding. Watching plants grow, leaves opening and reaching for the light, roots’ anchoring to the soil… it’s calming.

It’s impossible not to feel at peace listening to the birds singing, watching the insects rushing around, busying themselves, feeling the breeze upon the skin.
When the sun shines in the garden everyone is happy. The dogs flop out, the children play quietly, the cattle quietly munch away at the grass. Even the hens are quiet, nestling down in the dust.
Today was a catching up day and I can now relax, content with a days work done, until the weeds grow back and more seeds need planting.
Today I used my spanking new propagating bench that Mr G has been busying working on and basked in the 40oC heat of the polytunnel.
Seedlings were potted onto larger pots, new seeds were sown, tomatoes and peppers were planted, early potatoes were earthed up and maincrops sown. It's been a good day.
A therapeutic day away from all the hussle and bustle of life.
I know I'm lucky to have somewhere so quiet to garden in... but whether you take a walk in a park, sit on a chair in a town garden or just pot some plants up in a window box, take a minute to relax and look at nature working around you, and despite you.
Everyone needs a bit of horticultural therapy now and then.


  1. Amen to that.

    I think the allotment is the only place where I truly forget about everything. There's nothing quite like a little potter.


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