18 January 2011

Winning Ticket!

I'm just sending a big THANK YOU to Nessa who has a great blog over at Nessa's Family Kitchen.

Nessa shares lots of well written family recipes with lovely photo's and runs occasional competitions too. 

Today her boys pulled my name out of the hat and I'm now eagerly awaiting delivery of Rachel Allen's Entertaining at Home Cookbook..... so look out neighbours and friends, you know who you are....!

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  1. The book arrived today and impressions so far are excited! I'm looking forward to reading all the recipes and trying some out. My first one will be for the next IFBA cookalong http://www.irishfoodbloggers.com/2010/11/27/irish-foodies-cookalongs-first-friday-of-every-month/ but mum's the word for now.


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