12 October 2010

Fairytale Fungi

Fly Agaric (amanita muscaria)
 Is it just me or has anyone else noticed all the unusual mushrooms and toadstools this year?  Poking their caps through the  wood chip barks, the lawn and the hedgerows we've seen all sorts of shapes and colours.  I'm not an expert (at all) on fungi so have left them be, but these Fly Agaric really caught our eye.

They've been growing along the banks on the side of the lanes close to our house and are surrounded by folklore (including witches on broomsticks, Alice in Wonderland and good luck stories). They are however, poisonous and should be left well alone.

I found a great site with more information if anyone's interested. http://www.sacredearth.com/ethnobotany/plantprofiles/flyagaric.php

My own garden's been slightly neglected of late due to a variety of reasons (school, children, visitors, house renovation, shopping, workshops etc, etc) so I haven't been weeding much or sowing). We've been harvesting loads of veg though - tomatoes, cucumbers, sweetcorn, spring onions, kale and runner beans amongst other things.

Hope you've all been reaping the rewards of your work too?

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