17 August 2010

Courgette (Zucchini) Fritters Recipe

(Courgette & French Beans)
Do you have a courgette glut? 

Our giant plant inside the polytunnel is producing, on average, a courgette every two days.  Only Ian and I eat them (unless I chop them up small and add them to a Bolognaise sauce, in which case the whole family unsuspectingly eats them).

I'm therefore always on the lookout to find recipes for this lovely summer vegetable (hence the courgette cake written about in June).

Today I was checking the updates on Twitter and came across this post from www.dinnerdujour.org (@dinnerdujour).

"If you tell kids these zucchini fritters with feta and dill are pancakes instead, they'll gobble them up"
Courgette at Goresbridge Community Garden

My attention was instantly grabbed so I checked the link and found a recipe full of ingredients that happened to be in my fridge.  I was missing the dill so substituted it for fresh basil instead, et voila, a few minutes later my pan was full of delicious tasting fritters.  It really was that quick.

Sadly my children obviously aren't as adventurous as the girls from Dinner du Jour, but Philippa, my lunch guest and I loved them and hopefully the few that are left will be enjoyed by Ian when he arrives home this evening.

So thanks girls!  I'll be adding that recipe to my collection.


  1. So glad you enjoyed them! It's certainly a good recipe to have in your repertoire to use up a glut of courgettes.

  2. That looks like a fantastic recipe for us as we are faced with a glut of zucchini, I can't wait to try it...maybe tonight.:) Thanks for sharing it.

  3. We tried these the other night and they were great.:)

  4. I do a similar thing - my Auntie's Spanish boyfriend has a restaurant, and he does these delicious Aubergine fritters! I fiddled with the recipe and now make them with fine polenta flour and various herbs, or sometimes a sprinkle of chilli, Yummy!
    Will most definitely be trying these too :)


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