20 June 2010

Tie Dye Budget Curtains

Not quite veggie gardening, but they're green!  I'm talking about my new tie dyed curtains for the little room in the house....

I'm delighted with the outcome and the cost.  I've always liked the effect of tie dyeing but have never tried doing it myself.  However, I needed a set of curtains for the small toilet so here was my chance. The actual colour is a slightly darker, sage green but this gives you an idea of the outcome (and the walls aren't painted pink in case you're wondering about the colour scheme, they're still plain plaster)...

Last year I'd picked up a huge dust sheet from Aldi made from 100% Cotton for just €7.00.  I thought at the time that I could dye it and make a throw but never got around to it.  I only needed half the quantity of fabric for this window and I picked up a cold water dye from town, followed the instructions and viola!  I'm delighted with the outcome.  Total cost: €8.80!


Fabric - half quantity  -  €3.50
Dye                     -  €3.00
String (for tying)      -  €1.50
Curtain header          -  €0.80

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