31 August 2009

Almost food for free.....

One of the best parts about growing your own veg happens on evenings when you open the fridge looking for something to cook the family for dinner and it's bare, save a few bacon scraps perhaps (for us non vegetarians).

That was the situation I found myself in this evening. I had a few store cupboard ingredients -milk and one frozen sheet of shortcrust pastry, and we were once again grateful for the couple of eggs our hens had laid today. So I dug out my old Farmhouse Cook Book to see what I could come up with. Low and behold Bacon and Egg Pie.

I knew the children would eat it - they love omelette's - so within a few minutes the bacon had been lightly fried, laid onto the pastry base that had been put into a flan dish, and the eggs and milk mixed together and poured on top. The pie was placed into the oven at 200 degrees for 20 min's, then at 180 for a further 10.

While it was in the oven I dug up a handful of Sarpo Mira potatoes that had survived the blight, and then into the polytunnel where I found a monster, but still succulent purple radish, some mixed salad leaves, coriander, parsley and a few juicy yellow tomatoes.

"Delicious" was the resounding cry from all of the family as they scraped the last scraps from their plates, washed down with a glass of elderflower cordial made earlier in the year.

I'm not a fantastic cook - unlike Mr H, I need to follow a recipe for anything out of the ordinary (but I'm getting better). There's definitely a huge amount of satisfaction when you produce a meal, almost from nothing. That's one of the reasons I Love Growing My Own.

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